The Cooperative Foundation seeks input on Spanish translation project

coop foundation 500 333 9b973coop foundation 500 333 9b973NCBA CLUSA member The Cooperative Foundation is enlisting the help of cooperators to identify existing cooperative materials that—translation to Spanish—would be most valuable to cooperative development work. 
The Cooperative Foundation received a generous grant from the CHS Foundation to identify, prioritize and translate key cooperative education and development materials into Spanish.

With your help, The Cooperative Foundation will:

 - Compile a list of recommended materials

 - Review and prioritize materials for translation based on the recommendation of a panel of cooperative developers and educators working with Spanish-speaking populations

 - Translate and make available the selected materials on The Cooperative Foundation's website and other websites of cooperative development and education organizations.    

If you are interested in participating in this project, please complete this survey

The Cooperative Foundation is a steadfast supporter of cooperative development, research and education. For more than 60 years, vision and generosity has guided the work of the foundation and in turn benefited cooperative members and communities. The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) in Washington, D.C., provides grants administration to The Cooperative Foundation. 


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