Join the thousands screening “In the Spirit of Cooperation”—schedule your viewing today!

It's not too late to host a screening of "In the Spirit of Cooperation" in your community!It's not too late to host a screening of "In the Spirit of Cooperation" in your community!Currently broadcasting on public television across the U.S., the two episodes of Visionaries that make up “In the Spirit of Cooperation” have now been broadcast over 200 times, reaching more than 40 markets nationwide.

If you missed the broadcast times in your area, you can still join the thousands of co-op supporters who have already screened the documentary in 11 countries around the world! Apply to host a screening here.

Thanks to funding from CoBank, National Cooperative Bank and the Cooperative Development Foundation, "In the Spirit of Cooperation" follows the work of NCBA CLUSA as the organization celebrates 100 years of cooperatives that build a better world. Through seven co-op stories featuring members in Seattle, Western Massachusetts and Mississippi, and international development projects in Mozambique and East Timor, the 7 Cooperative Principles bind these unique and diverse businesses as the PBS Visionaries Series explores the impact of the co-op economy around the world.

“Visionaries produces media that can have a measurable impact on the greater good. Our shows are created to inspire through a sense of shared experience. I can’t imagine anything more compatible with the co-op model,” Executive Producer Bill Mosher said. Read this interview with the producers, and learn why they think the co-op story is worth telling.

The stories highlight the impact co-ops are making in communities worldwide. As NCBA CLUSA gears up for our 2017 Cooperative IMPACT Conference in October, screen “In the Spirit of Cooperation” and get excited!


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