2018 budget proposal zeroes out programs essential to domestic, international cooperative development

Despite proposed cuts, NCBA CLUSA is confident that lawmakers will ultimately recognize the value of cooperative development.

The Trump Administration's $4.1 trillion 2018 detailed budget, released Tuesday by the White House and the Office of Management and Budget, proposes deep cuts to or entirely eliminates programs essential to domestic and international cooperative development. Although it is not expected to survive scrutiny by lawmakers, the proposal puts numbers on the Trump administration’s priorities of defense and homeland security—often at the expense of foreign aid, which the budget slashes by more than a third.

Co-ops back in U.S. Census after 20-year absence

Including co-ops in the 2017 Economic Census will help pinpoint the scope and impact of cooperative businesses nationwide.

NCBA CLUSA is thrilled to announce that a decades-long absence of federally-reported data on co-ops in the U.S. will end with the 2017 Economic Census. The Office of Management and Budget on Friday approved without change or question the main 2017 Economic Census package, which includes a question identifying cooperative businesses. “This is a breakthrough moment for cooperatives nationwide,” said Judy Ziewacz, president and CEO of NCBA CLUSA. “The data gathered by the 2017 Economic Survey will fill a critical gap within the cooperative sector, allowing us to tell the story of cooperative economic impact in a more compelling way.”

Federal Budget preserves funding for co-op development, but uncertainty remains on the horizon

The Rural Cooperative Development Grant (RCDG) Program receives level funding of $26,550,000 in the Federal Omnibus budget passed today.

Compromising across the aisle, the Senate passed the Federal Omnibus budget to extend federal funding on Thursday, securing funding for cooperative development programs domestically and internationally. The bill is on its way to be signed by President Trump. The Senate passed the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill that would keep the government running until September by a vote of 79-18. The House passed the bill Wednesday in a 309-118 vote, with four members abstaining.

Council of Cooperative Economists

Members of the Council of Cooperative Economists include experts from a diverse set of cooperative associations, research institutions, academic institutions and associations exploring the economic impact and potential of cooperatives. Most members have economic expertise; some bring legal, finance, management, labor relations or sociology expertise to the Council.

Panelists explore engagement opportunities at launch of U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group's 2017 Report

Moderated by Alan Knapp (right), Vice President of Advocacy for NCBA CLUSA, last week’s panel included Amy Coughenour Betancourt, Michael Hatley, Andrew Fishbein and Luis Dueñas Casal.

At the March 23 launch of the U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group’s 2017 Report, Cuban and American cooperative experts discussed opportunities to continue building a vibrant, sustainable cooperative ecosystem in Cuba, despite the uncertain nature of the two countries’ bilateral relationship. With more than six decades of experience supporting cooperative development worldwide—beginning in India in 1953—work is Cuba’s co-op sector is hardly an anomaly for NCBA CLUSA, said Amy Coughenour Betancourt, Chief Operating Officer for NCBA CLUSA’s International Programs and founder of its U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group.


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