Mozambique AgriFUTURO



Project: Competitiveness and Agribusiness Program (AgriFUTURO)
Sector: Food Security & Agriculture
Country: Mozambique

mozambique & womenmozambique & womenThe four-year Mozambique Competitiveness and Agribusiness Program (AgriFUTURO) is a flagship United States Agency of International Development (USAID) long-term initiative to increase local private sector competitiveness and develop and scale agricultural value chains. NCBA CLUSA teamed with Abt Associates in 2009 to begin the implementation of this 4 year 9 months, $14,2 million project in Mozambique.

Mozambique is a country with enormous potential for increased production, marketing, and trade in agricultural commodities. Nevertheless, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. 99% of its farms are small and family owned, using limited modern technologies and low-yielding production techniques. Producers in Mozambique are still struggling with poverty because they are unable to achieve high quality yields and access to competitive markets.

AgriFUTURO works with local producers and their organizations around four major implementation components to:
• Improve the enabling environment for agribusiness;
• Expand and strengthen agribusiness development services;
• Build linkages to financing services for agribusiness development; and
• Increase and strengthen public/private partnerships.

NCBA CLUSA has a strong presence in Mozambique and is a key partner in the AgriFUTURO consortium, working to strengthen value chains of maize, soybean, sesame, groundnut, and cashew crops. NCBA CLUSA activities improve agronomy practices, ensure better access to financial services, and develop farmers associations based on its long history in cooperative development.

Over 33,000 rural households are already benefitting from AgriFUTURO. The program has generated over $30 million in private sector investment and created 5,673 new jobs. NCBA CLUSA is using its experience in cooperative organization to develop Private Sector-Run Agribusiness Clusters and Farmer Owned Service Centers that will improve agribusiness development services across targeted value chains.

Local producers are implementing new farming techniques they have learned, such as threshing and cleaning of grains and seeds to improve quality. AgriFUTURO is also working with University of Lurio to improve the health quality of agricultural commodities, ensuring that producers are growing the best product possible. At the government level, AgriFUTURO works to support the recently adopted Cooperative Law and to raise public awareness on the cooperative approach and how it can benefit the associations. NCBA CLUSA assists farmers’ organizations to register under this law in order to maximize their opportunity for growth and participation in the market.

Women Improving Production Maria Rodna is a small farmer in Nampula Province, mother of 7 children and leader of a local producer organziaiton, Yamanlero. She began participating in AgriFUTURO’s Emergent Farmer’s program in 2009 and received investment capital of $4,500 to jump start her farm production. Maria also learned about business planning, fertilizer, land allocation, and combating crop threats common in her area. Her first year of hard work earned her about $2,200 in profits; enough to pay seasonal workers improve her home, and double her farm size. Maria expects to double her revenues with the next harvest. This will help her pay the school costs for her children and contribute to the construction of the local association’s warehouse, on which work has already begun.

“…I learned how to plant according to the hectare that I farm and …how to manage my finances during different phases of the agricultural calendar...This was a big help to me” Maria Rodna, Beneficiary



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