Reminder: Take this survey and help shape NCBA CLUSA’s 2017 Annual Membership Meeting

This survey is your opportunity to help define how cooperatives can build a better world.This survey is your opportunity to help define how cooperatives can build a better world.NCBA CLUSA's Annual Membership Meeting & Virtual Town Hall is only a month away, and we're looking forward to a productive and inspiring afternoon with our members—in person and virtually, for the first time ever! To help form the basis for discussion, we're asking members to participate in this survey by April 27. This is your opportunity as NCBA CLUSA members to join your voice to the broader co-op community and help define how cooperatives can build a better world. 

NCBA CLUSA’s Board of Directors embarked on a Strategic Visioning Process in June 2016 on how the cooperative sector could mobilize to be an even greater force for good in the U.S. and abroad. As part of this work, the board seeks your input on how co-ops contribute to an inclusive economy. This is a term defined by a recent Rockefeller Foundation report as “… an expanded opportunity for more broadly shared prosperity, especially for those facing the greatest barriers to advancing their well-being.” The same report lists five broad characteristics of an inclusive economy: equitable, participatory, growing, sustainable and stable.

These characteristics seem aligned with the cooperative principles and the purpose of cooperatives. So we have created a short online survey to see if our members agree.
 It should take about 15 minutes to complete and includes few basic questions about your cooperative (or sector) and your thoughts on the five characteristics listed above as they relate to your cooperative (or sector). It concludes with questions about how the cooperative community could collaborate to make an even deeper impact toward a more inclusive economy.

Please complete this survey by April 27, 2017

If you are interested in more background into the factors and how to measure an inclusive economy, see the full Rockefeller Foundation report here:



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