Cell Network platform for farmer training launches in Mozambique

trainer tablet PROMAC 500 701d4trainer tablet PROMAC 500 701d4[Trainers, like Abcina for the PROMAC Project, pictured here with her tablet, will be able to use the 321 system as part of their trainings.]Launched last week as part of the NCBA CLUSA’s Information Communication Technology project in Mozambique, e-Extensão, Mozambican farmers will be able to access time sensitive training and information through the 321 mobile network.

In partnership with Human Network Alliance (HNI), the 321 on-demand mobile platform is hosted by Vodacom. Farmers dial #321 to access a menu of topics such as weather alerts, health and agriculture training and best practices. Ultimately, the service hopes to add commodity prices and other real time information for farmers.

In agreement with the Mozambican government, this service is the sole partner for disseminating agriculture training and information through the mobile system. Farmers across Mozambique, including those participating in the USAID | SEEDS and NCBA CLUSA’s Promac projects will all benefit from increased access to information, especially when the system adds market prices.

Announced at the launch by USAID Mozambique Mission Director Alex Dickie and Casimiro Abreu, the Director of the Mozambique Institute of Disaster Management, they emphasized that providing relevant content for users in rural areas would allow them to make better choices and plan ahead, increasing resilience for those communities.

The ability to access weather alerts and other agriculture training information is key for farmers to make decisions.
The 321 system was originally brought to Mozambique as part of the Coastal City Adaptation Project (CCAP), which initially developed the platform to provide warnings for climatic events and natural disasters to vulnerable communities around the country. With the e-Extensão project, this has been expanded to include agriculture information as well.

We will continue to follow the program and here how the 321 mobile system is being used by farmers throughout different seasons.

The e-Extensão program is funded through USAID’s New Alliance-ICT Extension Challenge Fund.


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