Video: In Madagascar, turmeric and cinnamon generate new incomes for co-op farmers

As the technical partner for Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) food security project in Madagascar, NCBA CLUSA is exploring market linkages and developing new value chains for local producers. Two spices highlighted in this video, turmeric and cinnamon, are generating new incomes for Malagasy farmers—meaning they can be more food secure year-round.

"If we increase a farmer’s income, we can improve the quality of food in their home," said Hecto Rabefetra, the project’s agribusiness coordinator in the Atsinanana region.

The USAID-funded project, called Fararano, means “harvest season” in Malagasy and aims to reduce food insecurity and chronic undernutrition and increase resilience in four USAID priority regions of Madagascar, including the country’s eastern coast.

"The most important thing for us,” Rabefetra said, “was to see the members of the cooperative adopting a shared vision, including finding a market before starting to produce."

As technical partner, NCBA CLUSA’s goal is to increase and diversify incomes by linking local producers to national and international markets, like local partner and exporter Jacarandas, featured in the video. The Fararano project will continue through 2019 and is part of a $75 million, two-pronged USAID Food For Peace program in Madagascar expected to directly benefit more than 620,000 people.



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