An Ethical Badge for Cooperatives

Using the COOP Marque connects you, your members and your customers to the global co-op movement

The Cooperative Marque is the unifying trustmark that all approved cooperatives can use to align themselves with the global movement. Cooperative organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world are already using the Marque in various ways: in-store on their signage, included as part of their packaging, at the bottom of their email signatures and newsletters, integrated into their print advertisements and even plastered on fun giveaway items for their special events.

By using the COOP Marque, your cooperative can create greater awareness for itself and all cooperatives. It’s been shown that the cooperative business model is more sustainable than other economic models, so one immediate advantage to a cooperative using the Marque is that it visually connects the business model and WHY it is different to the direct improvement of people’s lives through democratic ownership. Another advantage is that the Marque functions as a tangible AND symbolic bridge between individual co-ops (including their members, staff and customers) and the entire co-op movement. The more the Marque is used, the more people will realize the number of co-ops around them, which in turn, is an opportunity to build a greater understanding of the favorable economic impact cooperatives have both locally and globally. At critical mass, NCBA CLUSA anticipates this increased awareness will translate into steady growth of new patronage at cooperatives everywhere.

At NCBA CLUSA, we encourage using the Marque in combination with a .coop domain and membership. This combination solidifies your own cooperative identity, providing proof of your commitment to the business model to new potential members, media and your peers. Membership also allows your cooperative to engage directly in our advocacy and educational efforts on Capitol Hill through our Interagency Working Group on Cooperative Development and the Congressional Cooperative Business Caucus.

You can apply for the .coop Marque HERE


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