Promoting Economic Opportunities

Promoting Economic Opportunities

Income and sustainable livelihoods are at the centerpiece of NCBA CLUSA’s approach to development. We focus on training, governance and markets that build assets and allow producers, entrepreneurs and other local businesses to succeed. Short-term solutions only increase dependence and undercut efforts toward resilience and self-reliance.

Linking farmers to markets is part of NCBA CLUSA’s strategy to develop producer organizations and cooperatives. NCBA CLUSA tailors its programs according to the degree of organization of the local community and the vitality of local markets. In areas characterized by weak farmer organization and low market vitality, NCBA CLUSA focuses on building and strengthening 1st and 2nd tier producer groups, founded on cooperative principles. Once that is achieved, NCBA CLUSA strengthens agri-business by improving access to financial services and real time market information, helping them access global markets.

Young people in developing countries are increasingly moving to urban areas to find education and work opportunities. NCBA CLUSA’s youth empowerment projects are rooted in engaging and training youth for civic and economic participation to not only have a voice in local governance and development solutions, but also to find opportunities for sustainable jobs in agriculture and other sectors. Forming youth organizations promotes access to funds, community development and leadership skills.

Current Projects:


Madagascar: Fararano

Malawi: United in Building and Advancing Life Expectations (UBALE)

Mali: Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs (FFSWE)

Senegal: Millet Business Services Project (MBSP)

Uganda: Youth Empowerment Through Agriculture (YETA) - Project Website 


Dominican Republic: USDA Safe Agriculture/Food Export Program (SAFE)

El Salvador: USDA Coffee Rehabilitation and Agriculture Diversification


East Timor: Coffee and Cocoa Agribusiness Opportunities (CACAO)

East Timor: USDA East Timor Agribusiness Development Project

Indonesia: Feed the Future Sustainable Cooperative Agribusiness Alliance (SCAA)


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