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This year marks the first time NCBA CLUSA's Purchasing Cooperatives Conference and Annual Cooperatives Conference will join forces to bring you a full week of cooperative networking and collaboration. Come for the Purchasing Cooperatives Conference and stay for the Annual Cooperatives Conference. You will not be disappointed in the exciting events and high profile guest speakers we are lining up for you. The conference will be held in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel.

PCC ACC register now 62b80PCC ACC register now 62b80When you register for the Purchasing Cooperatives Conference, simply select the "Bonus" registration to add the Annual Cooperatives Conference and save!

Member of the Press? Contact John Torres to obtain your official press pass.

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Don't miss the joint keynote speaker on September 9, 2014

Dame Pauline Green, President, International Co-operative Alliance

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Dame Green will address a joint session of the Purchasing Cooperatives Conference and the Annual Cooperatives Conference on the afternoon of September 9. Her session is certain to inspire all as she challenges participants to achieve recognition for the co-operative model of business within the global institutions so that the movement can continue to grow and expand in the coming decades.

Dame Pauline Green is the first woman President of the International Co-operative Alliance in its 116 year history. Elected in 2009 at the General Assembly, Pauline argued that the time is right for radical change in the priorities of the ICA, and called on members to rally to help her achieve the sort of global body that the size and reach of the movement deserves.







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