Strengthening Cooperatives and Producers

Strengthening Cooperatives and Producer Groups

Smallholder farmers working together in associations and cooperatives fare better in garnering better prices for inputs and services, increased revenues for their crops and benefits such as training, market links and access to improved inputs. NCBA CLUSA has a long history in group formation and strengthening as part of a strategy to increase incomes, yields, education and training for sustainable livelihoods. These democratically-owned and governed groups are powerful tools for local development and part of an approach that empowers communities to sustainably address their most pressing economic and social needs.

Specifically, strengthening cooperatives and producer groups helps smallholder farmers and communities engage in collective action to address economic, social and development problems. NCBA CLUSA helps producers establish new cooperatives and group enterprises, supports ongoing strengthening of these businesses and provides training and tools that help scale the business to improve economic opportunities for the members. This approach also provides supply chain solutions for specialty products like coffee, cocoa, and vanilla among others. For instance, we partner with companies pursuing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainable and responsible sourcing of these products through cooperatives.

Current Projects:


Democratic Republic of the Congo: USAID Budikadidi

Ethiopia and Nigeria: Communications Cooperative International ICT Project (CCI-ICT)

Madagascar: USAID Fararano

Madagascar: Supporting the Enabling Environment for Cooperatives in Madagascar

Malawi: United in Building and Advancing Life Expectations (UBALE)

Senegal: USDA Millet Business Services Project (MBSP - PSEM)

Tanzania: Capacity Building of Producer Organizations


Cuba: U.S. –Cuba Cooperative Working Group (USCCWG)

El Salvador: USDA Coffee Rehabilitation and Agricultural Diversification Project

Guatemala: USAID Cooperative Development and Food Security in Guatemala

Guatemala: USAID Coffee Value Chains Project

United States: Partnership for Advancing an Inclusive Rural Energy Economy


East Timor: Coffee and Cocoa Agribusiness (CACAO)

East Timor: Agribusiness Development Project

Indonesia: Feed the Future Sustainable Cooperative Agribusiness Alliance (SCAA)


Worldwide: International Cooperative Research Group


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