• NCBA CLUSA seeks to build stronger relationships with host country embassies

    uganda-embassy-web 4ad8buganda-embassy-web 4ad8bNCBA CLUSA senior leadership has begun a specific and strategic initiative to open lines of communication and create linkages between NCBA CLUSA and the embassies representing countries in which the organization works.

    On March 23, NCBA CLUSA president and CEO Mike Beall and a team from the organization's Washington, D.C.-based headquarters met with Ambassador Oliver Wonekha and Deputy Chief of Mission Alfred Nnam at the Ugandan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

    NCBA CLUSA provided Ambassador Wonekha and staff with an overview of its current

  • Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee spotlight: William J. Nelson

    william-j-nelson-HoF-web 26e5fwilliam-j-nelson-HoF-web 26e5fWilliam J. Nelson
    President, CHS Foundation
    Vice President, CHS Corporate Citizenship

    Growing up on a farm in central Minnesota, William J. Nelson developed a passion for both agriculture and education, which laid the foundation for his career in the cooperative movement. Early in his academic career, Nelson made connections to the cooperative model that would shape his outlook and anchor his work in preparing future generations for leadership.

    After earning undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Political

  • Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee spotlight: Judy K. Ziewacz

    HoF-spotlight-Ziewacz-web 416b5HoF-spotlight-Ziewacz-web 416b5Judy K. Ziewacz
    Cooperative Innovator

    For more than 40 years, Judy Ziewacz has been a dogged champion for cooperative development with an unswerving belief in the power of cooperation, and has persistently reminded cooperatives and cooperative institutions that they exist to empower people. Her incredible capacity as a strategist has resulted in cross-sectoral coalitions that have created critical infrastructure for the co-op community, domestically and internationally. She has done all of this with integrity and

  • Voting in the 2015 NCBA CLUSA Board of Directors election opens April 2

    2015-board-candidates-web 8acb02015-board-candidates-web 8acb0Are you ready to cast your vote? The 2015 NCBA CLUSA Board of Directors election opens at noon EDT on Thursday, April 2. NCBA CLUSA members in good standing will receive an email on Thursday containing a link to the online ballot and unique login credentials.

    The candidates running to fill five open positions on the Board are: Thomas Beckett, Linda Brockway, Kim Garmany, Helen Godfrey-Smith, Kevin Higginbotham, Emily Lippold Cheney, Maria Miller,

  • MOU between NCBA CLUSA and Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives to benefit rural smallholder farmers

    mike-mou-malawi-web 4dec7mike-mou-malawi-web 4dec7A memorandum of understanding between NCBA CLUSA and the Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (MUSCCO) is expected to expand access to agribusiness financing and grow smallholder farmer livelihoods in rural Malawi. 

    Signed March 14 by NCBA CLUSA President and CEO Mike Beall and MUSCCO CEO Sylvester Kadzola, the agreement is meant to further develop the missions of both organizations. 

    “Much of the work being done in these communities depends on reliable financial services,”

  • San Francisco food co-op going solar with innovative nonprofit

    other-avenues-coop-web 8a9c2other-avenues-coop-web 8a9c2Worker-owned cooperative grocer Other Avenues, located in San Francisco's Outer Sunset neighborhood, is taking its commitment to sustainability to the next level with a solar energy system expected to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity costs. According to this story published by stories.coop, a partnership with the innovative nonprofit RE-volv is financing the project: ...

  • North Carolina co-ops invest in science teachers

    jamie-mosley-web 2db55jamie-mosley-web 2db55When middle school science teacher Jamie Mosley flipped on a light switch, she never thought twice about what happened on the other side of the wall.

    But after spending five weeks working alongside lineworkers, engineers and others at electric co-op Surry-Yadkin EMC, Mosley gained a deeper understanding of the industry and valuable insights to share with her students.

    The Dobson, North Carolina-based co-op sponsored Mosley as part of a teaching fellowship based at North Carolina State University

  • Veteran co-op leader Ralph Paige steps aside; Federation of Southern Cooperatives announces new executive director

    ralph-paige-web 8857dralph-paige-web 8857dIn a March 11 letter, longtime executive director Ralph Paige announced his intent to continue supporting the Federation of Southern Cooperatives in a volunteer capacity, effective March 1, 2015.

    Paige joined the Federation of Southern Cooperatives in 1969 as a grassroots organizer and became its executive director in 1985. In 2004, Paige was inducted to the Cooperative Hall of Fame, the cooperative community’s highest honor. A profile released alongside Paige’s induction indicated that, under his leadership, the Federation withstood scarce resources,

  • Tracks, workshops announced for 2015 CCMA Conference

    ccma-email-template-600 a1c08ccma-email-template-600 a1c08The 2015 Consumer Cooperatives Management Association (CCMA) Conference—cohosted by NCBA CLUSA and the Boise Co-op in Boise, Idaho, from June 11 to 13—will provide an unprecedented opportunity for managers and board members of food co-ops and their support communities to innovate, grow and lead—cooperatively.

    Presented by experts, practitioners and peers, CCMA Conference workshops will explore issues critical to the food co-op sector and help attendees build better co-ops and

  • MOU between NCBA CLUSA, Fairtrade America to advance cooperative business model

    banana-fairtrade-web aa04dbanana-fairtrade-web aa04dA memorandum of understanding between NCBA CLUSA and Fairtrade America aligns both organizations to further advance long-term, sustainable and equitable business alliances between cooperatives.

    Under the MOU, NCBA CLUSA will identify and create opportunities for Fairtrade America to promote their work and educate U.S. consumers on the value of a responsible food supply chain. Fairtrade America will work to link cooperative producers with international markets. Both organizations will share producer contact information, knowledge and

  • Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee spotlight: Daniel T. Kelley

    inductee spotlight - Dan Kelley 0f653inductee spotlight - Dan Kelley 0f653Daniel T. Kelley
    Former Chairman of the Board & President

    An authentic leader and champion of cooperative development, Daniel Kelley spent more than three decades serving the cooperative sector. Most recently, he retired as board chairman and president of the agriculture supply cooperative GROWMARK, Inc. Kelley’s roots in the cooperative movement began in 1970 when, as a full-time farmer, he joined his local cooperative, Evergreen FS. He later served as president of the organization

  • Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee spotlight: Ann A. Hoyt

    inductee spotlight - ann hoyt 3f9a3inductee spotlight - ann hoyt 3f9a3Dr. Ann A. Hoyt

    Professor Emeritus
    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Dr. Ann A. Hoyt is internationally recognized for her innovative research and contributions to co-op education. Her work, including 29 years as a professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, has had an indelible impact on cooperatives and the cooperative movement.

    As U.S. food cooperatives were threatened by market encroachment from investor-owned grocers, Hoyt recognized a need for governance education for co-op

  • New study reveals “doing business with co-ops is good business”

    GAC-pat-panel-web 02d30GAC-pat-panel-web 02d30NCBA CLUSA collaborated on the ground floor of a new report, commissioned by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Cooperative Alliance Committee, that makes the business case for credit unions and co-ops to recognize—and invest in—their shared principles and vision of community economic control.

    Funded by a grant from the National Credit Union Foundation and conducted by the Filene Research Institute, the report, “Cooperation Among Cooperatives: Quantifying the Business

  • Reminder: NCBA CLUSA membership renewals are due March 31

    membership-reminder-web 8f654membership-reminder-web 8f654Don’t Forget—Your membership with NCBA CLUSA must be renewed for 2015 in order to vote in the upcoming Board of Directors election. The deadline to be paid in full is March 31, 2015. If you aren't sure whether you're eligible to vote, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Win two free nights as CCMA 2015 celebrates National Tater Day!

    CCMA two night offer-cbj-web 8bc56CCMA two night offer-cbj-web 8bc56Boise, Idaho, is the home of the potato, and what better way to celebrate CCMA 2015’s host city than to celebrate National Tater Day, March 31, 2015 by providing a special offer to those headed to conference.

    Everyone who registers for the full CCMA Conference on or before March 31 will be entered into a drawing to win two free nights’ accommodations* at the Riverside Hotel during the 2015 CCMA Conference. That’s right, two free nights!

    The winner will be contacted on April 1 (no, this is not an April

  • Credit unions mean business

    credit-union-teller-web b4165credit-union-teller-web b4165Credit unions, which reached the 100-million-member milestone in mid-2014, are surpassing banks in business lending and making significant overall contributions to the U.S. economy. Financial experts in the sector say credit unions could better serve their small-business members if regulatory requirements that resulted from the financial crisis were eased. B. Dan Berger, president and CEO of the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) addresses the issue in this op-ed piece for ...

  • NCBA CLUSA’s launch of U.S. – Cuba Cooperative Working Group draws media attention

    cuba-pressconf-web 3be66cuba-pressconf-web 3be66NCBA CLUSA yesterday launched the U.S. – Cuba Cooperative Working Group during a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., that drew significant media coverage.

    The event was attended by reporters representing numerous media organizations, among them Politico, CQ Roll Call, Washington Trade Daily and Democracy At Work News. Several news outlets wrote about the press

  • Nominations now open for the 2015 CCMA Awards for Cooperative Excellence

    ccma-bowers-logos-web b0ac6ccma-bowers-logos-web b0ac6Nominations are now open for the 2015 Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) Awards for Cooperative Excellence. These awards recognize food cooperatives and members of the food cooperative community in the following areas:  

    Cooperative Excellence: Also known as "Retailer of the Year," this award goes to the co-op that demonstrates high achievement in leadership, strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, human resources and business

  • NRECA's Emerson says co-ops positioned to impact local politics on a national level

    Electric cooperatives are in an ideal position to build rock-solid grassroots political strength by tapping innovative ways of engaging their members and building their communities, NRECA CEO Jo Ann Emerson said.

    “If you’re going to tweet anything today, tweet this: We do local politics on a national level,” Emerson said Feb. 23 during her keynote address at the first general session of the 73rd NRECA Annual Meeting in California.

    In a spirited support of the cooperative model, Emerson called on co-op leaders from across the country to recommit to their members as the best way to be heard in the political corridors of Washington, D.C.

    “The more technology we deploy, the more clout we have,” she said. “The stronger we are in politics, the more change we make in our communities. The better we serve consumers, the more trust we gain in the halls of Congress.”

    The three-day meeting drew more than 8,000 participants to the Orange County Convention Center for the annual business meeting, the TechAdvantage Conference & Expo, insider briefings on hot topics and director education programs.

    Under the theme of “Commitment,

  • 2015 GAC Conference: Obama grasps vital role of credit unions in broader economy, White House adviser says

    GAC-logo-web 6b435GAC-logo-web 6b435President Barack Obama understands the critical role credit unions play in the broader U.S. economy, Jason Furman, chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, told attendees March 10 at a general session of the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference

    "We know that you provide better pricing and higher quality service for over 100 million members than many of the alternatives," Furman said. "We also know that—because of your strong ties to your communities—that your loan performance often holds up better



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