• Save the dates! NCBA CLUSA announces 2015 conferences

    NCBA-CLUSA-logo-400 b25feNCBA-CLUSA-logo-400 b25feNCBA CLUSA is gearing up for a brand new year of professional collaboration and engagement within the co-op movement and the wider community in 2015.

    Plan now to join us for the following conferences:

    Our Annual Meeting, to be held May 4 – 6 in Washington, D.C., will focus on advocacy, giving our members and supporters the opportunity to bring their cooperative issues and voices directly to elected officials and policymakers in the nation’s capitol. NCBA CLUSA is actively engaged in educating leaders in Congress

  • In Uganda, young people invest in new farming method that improves productivity

    kenneth-kiiza-web 9c15akenneth-kiiza-web 9c15aYoung people in Uganda are rethinking agriculture, prompted by NCBA CLUSA’s USDA-funded Uganda Conservation Farming Initiative.

    The trend comes after decades of rural to urban migration by youth, who, frustrated by outdated, time-consuming farming methods that produced low yields, abandoned agriculture. This left older generations largely responsible for production, jeopardizing the future of farming, agricultural development and food security in the country.

    Kenneth Kiiza is part of this growing community of Ugandan youth giving

  • CDF's Emergency Fund receives $20,000 grant from NCGA

    CDF-recovery-fund-web d1bfeCDF-recovery-fund-web d1bfeThe National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) recently donated $20,000 to the Emergency Fund administered by the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF). The donation, made on behalf of NCGA's 143 members nationwide, will be used to help cooperators and cooperative businesses recover from disasters. Earlier this year, CDF's Emergency Fund made $56,000 in grants to help a food co-op in South Dakota recover from arson, to augment rebuilding

  • World Council launches "weCU2" program to connect credit unions with Millennials

    weCU2-web2 2b368weCU2-web2 2b368Credit unions worldwide are eager to connect with millennials—many of whom hold values that correspond with the credit union movement—through a new social media campaign. The World Council of Credit Unions announced the launch: 

    By 2017, millennials will be in their prime borrowing years and are expected to be the largest consumer spending demographic. To help credit unions tackle the global challenge of increasing young adult membership and to master the technology needed to serve them, the World Council of Credit

  • Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Chris D’Aiuto reflects on Senegal conservation farming, composting assignment

    chris-webinar-web 46354chris-webinar-web 46354Now in its fourth year, NCBA CLUSA’s USAID-funded Farmer to Farmer program links American agribusiness professionals with farmers and farmer cooperatives in the developing world who request technical assistance, and offers NCBA CLUSA members and supporters with technical expertise an opportunity to share their knowledge.

    NCBA CLUSA staff and leadership last week were inspired by a recently returned volunteer whose assignment in Senegal saw him putting technical knowledge to work to empower the lives of smallholder farmers and gain a deeper

  • Watch your mail for 2015 NCBA CLUSA membership renewal notices

    iStock-checklist-web edc22iStock-checklist-web edc22Santa’s not the only one with a list this month. NCBA CLUSA's 2015 Membership Renewal Drive also kicks off in December. 

    The 2015 membership renewal notices will be sent in the mail this week. Watch your mail for this important connection to your NCBA CLUSA membership in the coming year. 

    Here's a preview of what we have planned for 2015:

    • Co-op Week, the Cooperative Hall of Fame and NCBA CLUSA's Annual Members Meeting will all be held in Washington, D.C., the week of May 4 – 6.

    • The CCMA

  • Credit unions listed among best options for socially conscious consumers

    cuna logo1 ae237cuna logo1 ae237During the holiday season, consumers often look for ways to give back or make investments that benefit their communities or support ethical causes. The Los Angeles Times this week reported on some of the ways consumers can invest with a social conscience. The Credit Union National Association brought our attention to the

  • New Orleans food co-op first beneficiary of ASI FCU's effort to fight food deserts

    NOLA-food-coop-web 42489NOLA-food-coop-web 42489The New Orleans Food Co-op is the first recipient of grant funds distributed by ASI Federal Credit Union, which recently won a $3 million federal grant for a revolving loan fund. According to this article published by The Times Picayune, the Harahan, Louisiana-based ASI FCU is one of a dozen financial institutions with a focus on community development to win federal money in the initial round of grants awarded through the Healthy Food Financing Initiative, a U.S.

  • NCBA CLUSA President Mike Beall to present at UN meeting, workshop on sustainable cooperative development

    UN-Nairobi-web f9e23UN-Nairobi-web f9e23The United Nation's annual Expert Group Meeting and Capacity-Building Workshop will convene diverse speakers to discuss the role of cooperatives in sustainable development at local UN headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, from December 8 to 10.

    The event is an opportunity to exchange ideas on how cooperatives are helping to build sustainable societies around the world, as well as build the capacity of cooperative leaders and trainers in Africa.

    The international community is currently mapping out the Sustainable Development Goals, which will comprise the UN's

  • World Council supports UN Sustainable Development Goals

    shutterstock-UN-hq-web c3963shutterstock-UN-hq-web c3963

    The World Council of Credit Unions is advocating for the addition of "financial inclusion" to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The World Council is the global trade organization and development agency for credit unions. It promotes the sustainable development of credit unions and other financial cooperatives worldwide to empower people through access to high-quality, affordable financial

  • USDA honors North Carolina co-ops for job creation efforts

    NC-coop-award-web2 d2f35NC-coop-award-web2 d2f35The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently bestowed its top honor for enhancing economic vitality to an electric co-op in North Carolina. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association published this press release

    Three years ago, Eddie Miller of North Carolina Electric Membership Corp. and David Thigpen of the U.S. Department of Agriculture started making field trips to electric cooperatives to try to drum up

  • Navy Federal Credit Union debuts Apple Pay

    apple pay-web 454baapple pay-web 454baNavy Federal Credit Union is among the first wave of organizations to adopt Apple Pay, Apple Computer's new mobile retail-payment system. With more than 500 million members nationwide, Navy Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union in the United States. Credit Union Times published this report: 

    The $62 billion Navy Federal Credit Union announced its support for Apple Computer's new Apple Pay mobile retail payment system on November 3.

    “We’re excited to make this new service

  • B Lab seeking inaugural class of B Corps Fellows

    b-corp-web 6aa9aB Labb-corp-web 6aa9a, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving a global movement of entrepreneurs who are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, is seeking candidates for its inaugural class of B Corps Fellows. The organization sent this announcement: 

    Do you know someone with a passion for using business as a force for good? Invite them to join the B Corps Fellows program—the first national service program for the impact economy.

    As B Corps

  • Five cooperatives and Indiana Cooperative Development Center receive Howard Bowers Fund grants

    HowardBowersFund 3b522HowardBowersFund 3b522The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) recently approved $17,250 in Howard Bowers Fund grants to support training for cooperative boards, management, and staff. Grants were made to the following organizations:

    Placerville Natural Foods Cooperative of Placerville, California, received $3,000 for its board and general manager to participate in the year-long CDS Consulting Cooperative's Cooperative Board Leadership Development program.


  • USDA Efficiency Program kicks off with two co-ops

    nreca-logo-web 5b56dnreca-logo-web 5b56dA new partnership between the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and two electric cooperatives is expected to promote rural economic growth while preserving the environment and saving customers money. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association published this press release

    It’s been two years in the making, and now a pair of electric cooperatives has kicked off a federal program designed to help rural residents save energy and reduce

  • National Cooperative Grocers Association unpacks USDA "Certified Organic" label

    organic-fruit-veggies-web 124a2organic-fruit-veggies-web 124a2As you shop for Thanksgiving dinner this week, chances are you'll choose at least some foods labeled "organic," but do you know what motivates your decision? Earlier this month, the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) released this primer on the USDA Certified Organic label—what the designation really means, and why it should matter to consumers: 

    When it comes to food labels, the USDA Certified Organic seal is the gold standard and indicates so much more than just “pesticide-free food.” The label

  • Farmer-owned Pachamama Coffee Invests to Increase Return for Members

    NCBA CLUSA member Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, a farmer-owned, farmer-governed cooperative with a U.S. base in Sacramento, is hoping to further integrate its operations by adding the ability to roast coffee beans in house.

    The roaster, which would occupy Pachamama’s midtown Sacramento gallery and factory store, would benefit CoffeeCSA, Pachamama’s community-supported-agriculture-model business that allows a direct connection between U.S. consumers and Pachamama’s owner cooperatives in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia.

  • Make Your Customers Crave Your Brand

    Think about the brands that are most important in your life…the ones you can’t live without.

    • • What triggered your loyalty?
    • • What does this brand represent to you?
    • • Why do you feel stronger about these brands?
    Now ask yourself, “Do your customers feel the same way about your brand?” If not, why?

    I’m willing to bet that those brands you crave on a daily basis have one thing in common: They have harnessed the power of stories to connect with their customers on an emotional level. They have moved beyond pure, hard facts in their marketing messages.

  • From “Co-op to Table,” fresh online groceries for the holiday season

    Adapted from a story that originally appeared in the September/October issue of Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture's magazine Passages.

    On Wednesday, November 26, the newly formed Friends and Farmers Co-op from State College, Pennsylvania, will open the virtual doors to its Online Market, bringing locally grown food to a wide pool of central Pennsylvania customers through convenient online ordering and one-stop pick-up as the holiday season goes into full swing.

  • NCBA CLUSA highlights work with women’s co-ops, gender empowerment at women’s economic opportunity summit

    The forum “Out of Extreme Poverty: Women Leading the Way,” held on November 13 in Washington, DC, brought together 80 participants from the international development community. Participating organizations included the U.S. State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and International Finance Corporation, as well as numerous international development NGOs, private-sector companies, foundations, think tanks, and consultants. Women Thrive partners from Ghana, Nicaragua, and Zimbabwe also joined the conversation to share successful examples and challenges from their work in the field.


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