Council of Cooperative Economists


Members of the Council of Cooperative Economists include experts from a diverse set of cooperative associations, research institutions, academic institutions and associations exploring the economic impact and potential of cooperatives. Most members have economic expertise; some bring legal, finance, management, labor relations or sociology expertise to the Council.

Terry Barr (Chair)
Senior Director,
Knowledge Exchange Division

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Joseph Blasi
J. Robert Beyster Distinguished
Rutgers University

Michael L. Cook
Endowed Professor
in Organization Economics
University of Missouri

Luis Dopico

Filene Research Institute

Brent Hueth
Associate Professor of
iculture & Applied Economics  
University of Wisconsin

Camille Kerr
Associate Director 
ICA Group

Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Professor of Community Justice
and Social Economic Dev.

John Jay College, CUNY

Sonja Novkovic
Professor of Economics 

St. Mary's University

Steve Rick
Chief Economist

CUNA Mutual Group

Mike Schenk
Vice President of Research and 
Policy Analyst 

Russell Tucker
Chief Economist 


Peter Vitaliano
Vice President of Policy and 
Market Research 


If you are interested in joining, contributing to or learning more about the Council of Cooperative Economists, email Gregory Irving at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Council of Cooperative Economists provides information to the cooperative community, policymakers, thought leaders and other stakeholders, acting as a forum for best-in-class cooperative economists and other experts to explore ideas internally. The Council will also share and publish research as it relates to the goals of the Council (below). The council strives to represent all types of cooperatively organized enterprises across all sectors and regions of the nation’s economy. The Council will seek collaboration with international groups where appropriate.


    • Measure how cooperatives impact the economy 

    • Explore how cooperatives benefit their members and communities 

    • Research cutting-edge issues within the cooperative sector


The Council of Cooperative Economists will provide leadership in developing metrics and compiling studies that quantify the economic impact of cooperatives and show the comparative advantage of the cooperative business model. The Council will fulfill its research obligations through independent research, collaboration and partnership with other researchers in the field and by encouraging more professionals to do applied research in support of the Council's goals. Members will also contribute by identifying gaps in data available to answer these questions.


Research by the Council of Cooperative Economists will inform the work of the Congressional Cooperative Business Caucus and the Interagency Cooperative Working Group on Cooperative Development, and influence decisions by policymakers and thought leaders. NCBA CLUSA's 2017 Cooperative IMPACT Conference in October, our quarterly Cooperative Business Journal, events at the National Press Club and other channels will serve as outlets for the Council's findings. 


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