NCBA CLUSA hosts Cooperative Research Seminar with international partners

NCBA CLUSA recently convened more than 25 international cooperative development organizations to discuss potential leadership events across Africa. Continue reading to view a report from the summit that was originally published by Enhancing Development through Cooperatives (EDC).

Enhancing Development through Cooperatives and its partners organized a Cooperative Research Seminar (CRS) at NCBA CLUSA headquarters in Washington, D.C. this month to present and discuss a new EDC proposal for further research and outreach activities to be carried out in 2016.

The seminar's presentations and discussions revolved around the organization of three large Cooperative Leadership Events (CLEs) in East Africa over the next six months. A four-day event aiming to gather 50-70 leaders and/or managers of agricultural cooperatives, the CLE would be a place to connect agri-co-op leaders through focus group discussions, engage co-op leaders with government, NGO and private sector stakeholders and train leaders on cooperative “Life Cycle Framework” and agribusiness finance.

High-level decision-makers from OCDC, OXFAM, CIAT, the University of Missouri, USADF, NCBA CLUSA, Land O' Lakes International, ACDI-VOCA, Global Communities, AGRA-FOSCA, CRI, HealthPartners, the University of Wisconsin and the Ugandan Ministry of Agriculture attended the seminar.

The option to organize additional CLEs in West Africa (Burkina Faso), Latin America (Guatemala) and Asia (Nepal, late in 2016 or in 2017 was also discussed.


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